IEDM Radio Episode 248: THIEVES

June 30th, 2019

With tens of millions of streams on his tracks and a unique background which includes stints as a West Point cadet and a wide receiver for the Army football team, NYC-based solo artist THIEVES, previously known as Party Thieves, has swiftly made his presence known in the music world. His ability to take any track or idea and make it his own has been recognized by renowned names like RL Grime, Skrillex, and Diplo. THIEVES is known for his bass hits ‘Origin’ and ‘Poppy Seeds’, both expressing his unique style from the moment the vocals hit in a rush of adrenaline and endorphins, combining hard-hitting trap elements with a deep musicality.

THIEVES has inspired a movement called the Theft Army — an army hungry for the incredible music he consistently puts out. Going beyond just the music, THIEVES uses his platform and following to make a bigger difference within communities. Being able to unite his passion for music with his philanthropic values, the Theft Army movement is more than a celebration of a killer track or party. THIEVES has created a movement to help change the world for the better, one song at a time. ------------------ Tracklist: 1. Thieves - ID 2. Thieves - ID 3. Waka Flocka, Diplo, Yellow Claw, LNY TNZ - Techno 4. Flosstradamus - Rollup [Baauer Remix] 5. Dada Life - Freaks Have More Fun [LOUDPVCK Remix] 6. Gent & Jawns - Turn Up 7. Thieves, ATLiens - Chief 8. TNGHT - Acrylics 9. Dirty Audio, Rickyxsan - Gettin’ That 10. Ookay - Buck 11. Valentino Khan, Skrillex - Slam Dunk (feat. Kstylis) 12. QUIX, Ian Munro - Purple Ford Falcon 13. Borgore - Help 14. DJ Snake - Propaganda [Kill The Noise Remix] 15. GTA - Red Lips (Ft. Sam Bruno) [Skrillex Remix] 16. RL Grime - UCLA (Ft. 24hrs) [Heimanu Remix] 17. Lil Nas X - Old Town Road 18. Gryffin - Winnebago (Ft. Quinn XCII & Daniel Wilson) [Vincent Remix] 19. ZHU - Desert Woman [Whipped Cream Remix] 20. Liquid Stranger, Space Jesus - Spaceboss 21. PEEKABOO, G-Rex - Babatunde [Eliminate Remix] 22. Zeds Dead, Jauz - Lights Go Down [Duke & Jones Remix] 23. Blinders - Higher Needs 24. Thieves - Anarchy 25. Spag Heddy - Samir 26. Kayzo, RIOT - Wake Up 27. Birdynamnam - Goin’ In [Skrillex Remix] 28. AWOLTALK - Deadonarrival 29. Graves, EZI - I’m Fine 30. Thieves - U Got Me [VIP] 31. 1788-L, Deathpact - Malfunkt 32. Rezz, Blanke - Mixed Signals 33. Whipped Cream - Blood 34. Queen, FISHER - Bohemian Rhapsody x Losing It [JODY Mashup] 35. Habstrakt - Infinite 36. JOYRYDE - Maximum King 37. Curbi - Flip It 38. FISHER - You Little Beauty 39. Thieves, The Chainsmokers - ID 40. Thieves, Fabian Mazur - Overdose 41. Baauer, Party Favor - MDR [Thieves Remix] 42. Thieves, Basko - One Zero Zero 43. JOYRYDE - Yuck (feat. Gold) 44. Leotrix, Lanki - Bochi 45. Skrillex - Ease My Mind [Thieves Bootleg] ------------------ Check out THIEVES: ------------------ Listen to more exclusive mixes:

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iEDM Radio Episode 247: KVSH

June 23rd, 2019

DJ and producer KVSH is now one of the biggest names in Brazilian electronic music. Luciano Ferreira, the “mineiro” behind the project, has already amassed more than 32 million views on his YouTube channel and over two million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Owner of a unique production style, KVSH has already released several hits in his burgeoning career. Two tracks that stand out are "Sede Pra Te Ver" and "Cante Por Nós", the latter made in collaboration with Vintage Culture and Breno Miranda and released by HUB Records. The two songs already have over 51 million streams on Spotify.

Other works include the tracks "Suavemente", "Tokyo Drift", "Puro Êxtase" and "Bem Melhor", and the first official remix of the band Natiruts, "Sorri, Sou Rei". His recent releases include the hit "Me Gusta” (in collaboration with Beowülf and Flakkë) and “Monalisa” (official remix for Brazilian rapper Xamã). His work has already resulted in 192 million streams on digital platforms.

KVSH played more than 160 gigs in 2018, from Brazil to the United States, South Africa and Uruguay. In 2019, he started the year with his debut at Lollapalooza and will play for the first time at Rock In Rio, as well as other places around the globe. ------------------ Tracklist: 1. KVSH, The Others, FRÖEDE - Can’t Get Over You 2. Daft Punk x Dubdogz - ID [Mashup] 3. Gustavo Mota, Wolfire - Gimme Money 4. Claptone - No Eyes [KZN Remix] 5. Damien N-Drix - Let It Ring 6. KVSH - ID [Lollapalooza Edit] 7. Religare, Brunelli - Push Mee 8. KVSH - Lasers 9. Vintage Culture, Fancy Inc - My Girl 10. The Fish House - Miami Bitch 11. The Fish House - Smack My Bitch Up 12. Duke Dumont - Red Light 13. Zermelo - Freaky Shit 14. KVSH - Feeling Good [Remix] 15. Sevek - My Name 16. KVSH, Machine Drivers - Tokyo Drift [2019 Edit] 17. Meduza - Piece Of Your Heart 18. Mousse T’s - At Night ------------------ Check out KVSH: ------------------ Listen to more exclusive mixes:

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iEDM Radio Episode 246: Mathieu Koss

June 18th, 2019

French producer Mathieu Koss has carved out an impressive career in the past few years. With productions supported by artists like Sam Feldt, Robin Schulz, Lost Frequencies and Martin Garrix, his stay at the top of the industry is just beginning.

Mathieu’s debut release ‘Need Your Lovin’ came out in Summer 2016 and introduced Mathieu’s blend of pop and house to a global audience. A catchy, deep house version of NRG’s classic ‘I Need Your Love’ (Like the Sunshine) reached #1 on the DMC Buzz Chart and 9th on the UK ‘Cool Cuts Chart’. It got played by several renowned DJs, including Tiësto, Jonas Blue, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, and EDX.

October 2017 saw Mathieu release his biggest track so far, ‘Big Jet Plane’, a collaboration with acclaimed Brazilian DJ Alok. ‘Big Jet Plane’ was nominated for Best Clip of the Year at 2018’s MTV MIAW awards and has earned 95 million streams on Spotify and 90 million views on YouTube – and the pace is not slowing down for this viral hit.

Having played at esteemed stages & clubs in France, Mathieu’s ready to tour again and combine his two favorite passions: music and traveling. Be sure to follow his journey, as Mathieu’s career is one to watch. ------------------ Tracklist: 1. Meduza - Piece Of Your Heart [Mathieu Koss Festival Mix] 2. Futuristic Polar Bear - You & Me [Extended Mix] 3. Linier, Crvvcks - Full Circle [Extended Club Mix] 4. Kideko - What Is It [Extended Mix] 5. RetroVision - We Like To Party 6. Oliver Heldens, MOGUAI - Cucumba 7. Sigma, Louisa - Here We Go Again [Just Kiddin Remix] 8. Brawo Usai, Shayna - Relight My Fire [Extended Mix] 9. Moon Willis, Etta Bond - I Like The Way [Extended Mix] 10. Jack Wins, Amy Grace - Forever Young [Dave Winnel & Jack Wins Club Mix] 11. Mathieu Koss, Aloe Blacc - Never Growing Up [Club Edit] 12. Alok, Mathieu Koss - Big Jet Plane [Cat Dealers Remix] 13. Pickle - Body Work [Extended Mix] 14. Anna Lunoe - 303 15. Jaded - Move It [Extended Mix] 16. Billie Eilish - Bad Guy [Tiesto’s Big Room Remix] 17. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Era Istrefi - Selfish [M-22 Extended Remix] 18. Dannic, Promise Land - Over [Zonderling Edit] 19. Leandro Da Silva, Siwell - Lick Up (feat. Sam Stray Wood) 20. Fresh Mode, Montell Jordan - This Is How We Do It [Extended Mix] 21. Loic Nottet - On Fire [M-22 Remix] 22. Stanton Warriors - UP2U (feat. Sian Evans) [Extended Mix] ------------------ Check out Mathieu Koss: ------------------ Listen to more exclusive mixes:

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iEDM Radio Episode 245: Bashment YC

June 10th, 2019

Bashment YC (Youchul Kim) is one of the most active music producers in South Korea. Involved in the industry since he was 20 years old, he has been a frequent DJ at Gangnam and Itaewon in Seoul. With a unique production style, he has worked steadily from original songs to remix arrangements, and since releasing his debut EP album "Hey, I'm YC" in 2017, he’s caught the attention of many EDM fans.

He is currently working with a number of EDM labels around the world, including Equus Recordings, Rude Mood Records, Fight Free, Peak Hour Music Records, MMXVAC, Emulsify, Flex Up Crew Records, Heavy Artillery Recordings, Chill Trap Records, Future Bass Records, Doner Music, Clutch Records, Viking Records, Scale Records, Kinetik Records, and more. In addition, he is currently running a team called Pilament with producer Prion Heart to showcase a variety of sounds ranging from domestic K-pop music to EDM. ------------------ Tracklist: 1. Pilament - R U Ready? [Intro] 2. Pilament - Poison 3. Pilament - No Mercy 4. Kendrick Lamar - Humble X Humble [Skrillex Remix] [Pilament Edit] 5. Core X Mosh Pit [Pilament Edit] 6. Bashment YC - Hands Up! 7. Tropkillaz - Booty To The Bass 8. No Hands X VIP X Biggie Bounce [Pilament Edit] 9. Bashment YC - $100 10. Intoxicated All Day [Pilament Edit] 11. This is America X Sixes [Pilament Edit] 12. Party in the USA X Push [Pilament Edit] 13. Prion Heart - Zombie Bass 14. Pilament - Take On The World 15. Prion Heart - Got You 16. Bashment YC - Something 17. Runaway [Ookay Remix] X Watch Out [Pilament Edit] 18. More Than You Know X Angel Style [Pilament Edit] 19. Riot Ten - Rail Breaker 20. Bang Your Head X Boss [Pilament Edit] 21. Jauz, DJ Snake - Gassed Up 22. Prion Heart - Loco Loco 23. Prion Heart, Bashment YC - Go Back 24. Ain’t Worried Bout Departure [Pilament Edit] 25. New Style X Party People [Pilament Mashup] 26. Bashment YC - Bashment 27. Bashment YC - Instant Party 28. Jauz, Lazer Lazer - Keep The Rave Alive 29. El Chapo X The End [Pilament Edit] 30. Kovalenco Gennadi - Moda 31. Bashment YC - Ideal Type 32. Faustix - Don’t U Worry [Atik Remix] 33. Wuki, Benzi - We Like To Fuck That Shit 34. Bashment YC - MSN 35. Wake Flocka Groove X Ole [Pilament Edit] 36. All I Do Is Win X GDFR [Pilament Edit] 37. Throwin Elbows X 6th Gear X Propaganda [Pilament Edit] 38. Boombox Cartel - Jefe X Bazooka [Pilament Edit] 39. Yellow Claw - Dog Off 40. Bashment YC - Getting Outta Here 41. Bashment YC - Over U 42. No Regret, Bashment YC - Get Ur Ass Up [Pilament Edit] 43. Pilament - Rolex 44. Pilament - Acid 45. Dance X Scarp [Pilament Edit] 46. DJ Laz - Esa Morena [Nadastrom & Sabo Love Miami Mix] 47. Fitz And The Tantrums - HandClap [DLois Remix] 48. Crush On You X Boss Mode [Pilament Edit] 49. The Next Episode X Bap U [Pilament Edit] 50. Despacito [Major Lazer & MOSKA Remix] 51. Imperium X $4,000,000 [Pilament Edit] 52. Bashment YC - Let It Show ------------------ Check out Basement YC: ------------------ Listen to more exclusive mixes:

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iEDM Radio Episode 244: Unknown Brain

June 2nd, 2019

'The creative minds remain phantoms.' ------------------ Tracklist: 1. Unknown Brain - Matafaka (feat. Marvin Divine) [Epic Edit] 2. Diplo, French Montana, Lil Pump - Welcome To The Party [Laeko Remix] 3. RIOT - Overkill 4. Unknown Brain - Superhero (feat. Chris Linton) [VIP] 5. Fabian Mazur - Ready For The Show 6. Snavs - Us 7. Modestep - Not IRL 8. The Chainsmokers - Kills You Slowly [Unknown Brain Remix] 9. Nonsens - Poison 10. Lil Nas X, Billy Ray Cyrus - Old Town Road [Unknown Brain Remix] 11. Black Tiger Sex Machine, YOOKiE - Lions [Doctor P Remix] 12. Pixel Terror - Maxima 13. Slushii - Never Let You Go (feat. Sofia Reyes) [Slushii VIP] 14. Yellow Claw, Nonsens - Give It To Me 15. DJ Snake, Eptic - SouthSide 16. BadKlaat, Kompany - Purge 17. Wiwek, Mike Cervello - Namek [Dither Remix] 18. Sheck Wes - Mo Bamba [Bishu Remix] 19. Unknown Brain - Make It Out (feat. Taheran) 20. Unknown Brain - ID 21. Zedd, Elley Duhé - Happy Now [Marc Benjamin Remix] 22. June Miller, James Marvel, MC Mota - Dominator 23. Delta Heavy - I Need You 24. Pegboard Nerds - Gunslinga (feat. MC Mota) 25. Stonebank - The Government 26. Fox Stevenson - Out My Head [VIP] 27. Unknown Brain - Say Goodbye (feat. Marvin Divine) 28. Unknown Brain - ID 29. Unknown Brain, Rival - Control 30. Duke & Jones - Rust 31. Snails - King Is Back (feat. Big Ali & Sullivan King) [Mastadon Remix] 32. Unknown Brain - Perfect 10 [Intro Edit] ------------------ Check out Unknown Brain: ------------------ Listen to more exclusive mixes:

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