iEDM Radio Episode 245: Bashment YC

June 10th, 2019

Bashment YC (Youchul Kim) is one of the most active music producers in South Korea. Involved in the industry since he was 20 years old, he has been a frequent DJ at Gangnam and Itaewon in Seoul. With a unique production style, he has worked steadily from original songs to remix arrangements, and since releasing his debut EP album "Hey, I'm YC" in 2017, he’s caught the attention of many EDM fans.

He is currently working with a number of EDM labels around the world, including Equus Recordings, Rude Mood Records, Fight Free, Peak Hour Music Records, MMXVAC, Emulsify, Flex Up Crew Records, Heavy Artillery Recordings, Chill Trap Records, Future Bass Records, Doner Music, Clutch Records, Viking Records, Scale Records, Kinetik Records, and more. In addition, he is currently running a team called Pilament with producer Prion Heart to showcase a variety of sounds ranging from domestic K-pop music to EDM. ------------------ Tracklist: 1. Pilament - R U Ready? [Intro] 2. Pilament - Poison 3. Pilament - No Mercy 4. Kendrick Lamar - Humble X Humble [Skrillex Remix] [Pilament Edit] 5. Core X Mosh Pit [Pilament Edit] 6. Bashment YC - Hands Up! 7. Tropkillaz - Booty To The Bass 8. No Hands X VIP X Biggie Bounce [Pilament Edit] 9. Bashment YC - $100 10. Intoxicated All Day [Pilament Edit] 11. This is America X Sixes [Pilament Edit] 12. Party in the USA X Push [Pilament Edit] 13. Prion Heart - Zombie Bass 14. Pilament - Take On The World 15. Prion Heart - Got You 16. Bashment YC - Something 17. Runaway [Ookay Remix] X Watch Out [Pilament Edit] 18. More Than You Know X Angel Style [Pilament Edit] 19. Riot Ten - Rail Breaker 20. Bang Your Head X Boss [Pilament Edit] 21. Jauz, DJ Snake - Gassed Up 22. Prion Heart - Loco Loco 23. Prion Heart, Bashment YC - Go Back 24. Ain’t Worried Bout Departure [Pilament Edit] 25. New Style X Party People [Pilament Mashup] 26. Bashment YC - Bashment 27. Bashment YC - Instant Party 28. Jauz, Lazer Lazer - Keep The Rave Alive 29. El Chapo X The End [Pilament Edit] 30. Kovalenco Gennadi - Moda 31. Bashment YC - Ideal Type 32. Faustix - Don’t U Worry [Atik Remix] 33. Wuki, Benzi - We Like To Fuck That Shit 34. Bashment YC - MSN 35. Wake Flocka Groove X Ole [Pilament Edit] 36. All I Do Is Win X GDFR [Pilament Edit] 37. Throwin Elbows X 6th Gear X Propaganda [Pilament Edit] 38. Boombox Cartel - Jefe X Bazooka [Pilament Edit] 39. Yellow Claw - Dog Off 40. Bashment YC - Getting Outta Here 41. Bashment YC - Over U 42. No Regret, Bashment YC - Get Ur Ass Up [Pilament Edit] 43. Pilament - Rolex 44. Pilament - Acid 45. Dance X Scarp [Pilament Edit] 46. DJ Laz - Esa Morena [Nadastrom & Sabo Love Miami Mix] 47. Fitz And The Tantrums - HandClap [DLois Remix] 48. Crush On You X Boss Mode [Pilament Edit] 49. The Next Episode X Bap U [Pilament Edit] 50. Despacito [Major Lazer & MOSKA Remix] 51. Imperium X $4,000,000 [Pilament Edit] 52. Bashment YC - Let It Show ------------------ Check out Basement YC: ------------------ Listen to more exclusive mixes:

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