iEDM Radio Episode 164: FuntCase

November 10th, 2017

A producer and DJ from Bournemouth, UK, FuntCase (AKA James Hazell) is known for his raw and dirty sound, forging the way with his controversial “filthy” style.

James first expressed his love of music through jamming with his schoolmates, taking his energetic and aggressive drumming style from death metal. He was also heavily influenced by happy hardcore and jungle, growing up to a background of Helter Skelter and Dreamscape mixtapes.

After hearing “Bandwagon Blues” by Twisted Individual, James fell in love with the drum and bass sound and began to focus his talents on producing. Sharing his tracks with D&B radio stations led to the first recognition of his foot-thumping talents, and under the alias DJ Dose he released for the first time in 2007.

In 2009 James began to dabble with producing dubstep, and gave his tunes a unique energy by incorporating the drum and bass layering technique into his dubstep sound. His first track “Make Our Day” was quickly signed to 4:20 Records, and the raw sound that is FuntCase had begun.

It wasn't long before FuntCase began trading tracks with Doctor P, and an offer soon followed to bring James into the Circus Records camp with the release of his famed track “So Vexed’ in 2010.

Since then, FuntCase has become a legend of the DJ world. With an incredibly loyal fan base Funty is known worldwide for working hard, playing hard, traveling hard, and DJing hard on stages globally. ------------------ Tracklist: 1. FuntCase, Trolley Snatcha - Warfare 2. Wooli - Back 3. Kompany, Adair - Getcho 4. Dwarv, Boss Mode - Greed 5. Doctor P - Business VIP (feat. Far East Movement) 6. Digitist, Executioner - Convulsion 7. Svdden Death - Take Ya Head Off 8. 12th Planet, Lumberjvck - Stank Gum [Ponicz Remix] 9. Definitive - Haunted 10. Bloodthinnerz, Ganon - Timeless 11. Svdden Death, Somnium Sound - Angel Style 12. Chodegang - New Chodegang Bro 13. Benzmixer, Ratchet - Turmoil [Infekt VIP] 14. Psycho, Ash Dubz - Fried Boss 2017 15. Chibz, Yakz - Trippin 16. R2D2, 50Hman - Smash [Ganon Remix] 17. Da Force - Jabba VIP 18. FuntCase - 4 Barz Of Fury (feat. Merky Ace) 19. FuntCase - 4 Barz Of Fury (feat. Merky Ace) [Barely Alive Remix] 20. Noisia - Get Deaded [Moody Good Remix] 21. Noisia - Tommy's Theme [Remix] 22. Uber, Svdden Death - Welcome To Heck 23. FuntCase - Scary Yikes Grrz 24. Noisia - Anomoly 25. DC Breaks - Underground [Tantrum Desire Remix] 26. Blankface - Louder [Replicant Remix] 27. Taxman - Evasion 2017 28. Noisia - Straight Hook 29. Dimension - UK 30. Damage Report - Time Base [Limited Remix] 31. Upgrade, T.I. - Shot Down 32. Guzi - Business 33. Hazard - Air Guitar 34. Jayline, Silent Storm - Badboy (feat. Ruffneck Trilogy) ------------------ Check out FuntCase: ------------------ Listen to more exclusive mixes:

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