IEDM Radio Episode 227: Lady Faith

February 4th, 2019

Lady Faith began her journey in Tehran, Iran. She grew up in a traditional household but quickly developed a rebellious spirit, which resulted in all too frequent encounters with the Iranian Morality Police. After an almost disastrous ending to a high-speed chase, for the crime of attending a party, it became obvious that Faith was a free spirit that could not be contained and leaving Iran was the only solution. Her journey to America was complicated and took multiple attempts but she eventually made it, and for the first time she had the power to be herself and make her own decisions.

At the time, the North American rave scene was primarily located in warehouses, seedy clubs, or in the forest or desert, where the location of the event was unknown to the DJ beforehand. Faith performed at a countless number of these underground venues for many years while growing with the scene. This dedication and perseverance is the reason why she performs and headlines on such high-profile events and festivals today all over North America.

Lady Faith is a DJ like no other DJ – she will rock you to the bone with her high-energy sets and fantastic skills on stage. She has a growing collection of tracks including chart toppers such as Moxie, Basic Bitch, Bestie and PLUR, with many more in the works. Come see America’s #1 Hardstyle producer and join her army of dedicated fans. ------------------ Tracklist: 1. Lady Faith - Take You Away (feat. Szen) 2. D-Block & S-te-Fan - Dreams 3. Da Tweekaz - Bring Me To Life (feat. Haliene) 4. Lady Faith, Stephanie - Electric 5. Headhunterz - Path Of The Hunter 6. ANDY SVGE, Hardstyle Pianist - Sunbeam 7. Zatox - My Strength Is Hardstyle 8. Lady Faith - Bestie (feat. MC Sik Wit It) 9. TNT, DJ Isaac - The Realm 10. 20 Fingers - Lick It (feat. Roula) [Lady Faith Bootleg] 11. Lady Faith - PLUR 12. RVAGE - Free Fall (feat. Diandra Faye) 13. Devin Wild - Anarchism 14. Kronos - Born To Dominate (feat. MC Coppa) 15. Chain Reaction - Greed 16. Lady Faith - Strife 17. Notorious Two - Gangstas Paradise ------------------ Check out Lady Faith: ------------------ Listen to more exclusive mixes:

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